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MB2-710試験番号:MB2-710 模擬モード
試験科目:「Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Deployment」

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他の人はあちこちMicrosoft MB2-710 模擬モードを探しているとき、あなたはすでに勉強中で、準備階段でライバルに先立ちます。また、我々JapanCertは量豊かのMicrosoft MB2-710 模擬モードを提供しますし、ソフト版であなたにMicrosoft MB2-710 模擬モードの最も現実的な環境をシミュレートさせます。勉強中で、何の質問があると、メールで我々はあなたのためにすぐ解決します。心配はありませんし、一心不乱に試験復習に取り組んでいます。

NO.1 You manage a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 environment. You are disked to give an
example of the use of security groups.
What can you do with Microsoft Office 365 security groups in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM online
A. Control access to Individual fields.
B. Control access to instances.
C. Assign custom forms to users.
D. Add deeper role security 10 organizational units.
Answer: A

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NO.2 How many dashboards can be configured to be displayed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for
A. one system and multiple user dashboards
B. one system and one user dashboard
C. multiple system and multiple user dashboards
D. multiple system dashboards only
Answer: D

MB2-710 再テスト   

NO.3 You work as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for Microsoft Partner.
You need to ensure that a section on the contact entity form is hidden when the form is displayed in
the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablet application. The section should be visible when the form is
displayed in a web browser.
Which option should you use?
A. Create a record creation and update rule.
B. Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile form using JavaScript.
C. Create a business rule.
D. Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM main form using JavaScript.
Answer: D

MB2-710 モード   

NO.4 You are an administrator in the CRM Online Administration center of Microsoft Office 365
making operational changes to an instance.
You need to ensure that regular users do not affect your work, and that your work does not affect
regular users.
What should you do?
A. enable administration mode
B. create a new sandbox
C. remove the users from the instance
D. copy the instance
Answer: A

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